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www.gurdjieff.nu is brought to you by a dutch Foundation named enneagon. We offer Gurdjieff related books, 'conscious' paintings, new-age pop- and rockmusic, objective art from an enneagram to an ancient mandala and Gurdjieff work.

We, the enneagon Foundation are husband and wife who, try to, practise the Gurdjieff work: Practically, emotionally and intellectually.Also there is a possibility to follow a school by means of a group, email and modern communication. A. has written a book about modern spirituallity based on Rodney Collin his 'human types'. The fourth way + types = fifth way. The book is written in dutch and is called 'De vijfde Weg' (The fifth Way). In short it is about how to grow together with a friend, partner or teacher who is your opposite type.We are free from any fourth way organization, although I have to give many credits to an anonymous teacher in The Netherlands.

Now, let us go to the ob- and subjects:

 Gurdjieff books - paintings - music - teachings - planetarium (dutch treatise on planetary types) - modern management (dutch treatise on management and the enneagram)

More effort! (P.D. Ouspensky)

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